The Green Man at Work
Neill Mapes designs and makes furniture, working with greenwood from native, sustainable sources. His work includes hedgerow furniture and sculpture using a variety of tree species such as ash, oak, sweet chestnut and yew; as well as acrylic canvases and digital artwork.

Neill Mapes's gallery contains 77 photos.


Welsh Stick Chair Exhibition at the Greenwood Centre, Ironbridge, Shropshire
(Contains 3 photos)
Bowl Turning on a pole lathe The Green Man
(Contains 1 photo)
contours of winter sunset trees 4 Digital Artwork
(Contains 25 photos)
Hedgerow Furniture
(Contains 11 photos)
The Green Man Groweth
(Contains 6 photos)
Garden and Woodland Furniture
(Contains 22 photos)
Treen 2 Tools and other wooden objects
(Contains 7 photos)
The Dryad Previous art work
(Contains 2 photos)